Food waste collection

Out of date and off-specification food batches, sale or return & damaged packaged food products provide one of the largest headaches for the food processing and food production industry. 

However, it is important to treat and recycle this waste stream properly and effectively, to keep this resource out of landfill and also prevent the contamination of all other recyclable materials.

Albany offers a unique and innovative approach – reducing the costs of waste management by redirecting food waste into a more useful resource.  With the use of modern de-packaging equipment and advanced Anaerobic Digestion recovery, food processing waste can be converted into both a source for renewable energy and also bio-fertiliser. This has enabled customers to significantly boost their recycling rates and a drive towards zero landfill.

We were also one of the first waste management companies in the UK to get a mobile land spreading permit and thereby redirect food waste safely and conscientiously back into the food chain.

Bin swap service

This service is clean, efficient and can be tailored to suit your needs.  We will typically:

– Provide bespoke size food waste collection bins as part of the service
– When we collect the waste, we will exchange the bins for clean ones
– No tipping and crushing  waste on your site
– Bins are clean and ready to go back into the production area


Working with Albany is an opportunity to reduce your waste bills.  For a free waste health check call us now on 01787 221664 or email us.

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