Commercial paint waste disposal

Albany is a market leader in developing new processes by which the by products of commercial paint spraying activities can be reallocated to prevent them simply becoming landfill. 

The relatively recent move to water based coatings presents more of challenge than solvent recovery from older, solvent-based coatings.  Many waste management companies simply seek to coagulate the waste from industrial “water wash” commercial spraybooth process plants, and then take the resultant “cake” or sludge to landfill – however this is both expensive and unnecessary.

Albany’s preferred approach to commercial paint waste disposal is to make use of a process of anaerobic digestion that converts the sludge into a biogas, which can be used to fuel Combined Heat and Power plants to produce renewable energy.

Working with Albany is an opportunity to reduce your waste bills.  For more information on commercial paint waste disposal, or for a free waste health check, call us now on 01787 221664 or email us.

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